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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to the Fire Inside Her, LLC, a space created to inspire leaders to find their authentic selves.

If you love messy, imperfect, and authentic words of wisdom… welcome!

I believe that we all have a fire inside of us that is meant to shine, but life happens, and our fire can get buried under all the things; kids, work, competition, partners, parents, and other responsibilities that we put ourselves last.

I believe the most beautiful, strong, and resilient people use their scars to let the light shine through.

Diane Schroeder

I want you to know…

  1. You are amazing
  2. You are capable of doing what lights your soul on fire
  3. Self-care is the most important leadership tool you can carry.

What you can expect from me…

To be heard, valued, supported, and occasionally pushed outside your comfort zone (how else do we grow?). And valuable information around self-care, time management, life, single mom’ing, and leadership.

What will you get from reading my posts and emails?

  • Genuine stories that will make you laugh, cry, inspire, and motivate
  • Tips, tricks, and ways to create a stable home and work-life
  • Fill your emotional toolbox with tools to thrive, succeed, and kick-ass
  • Reminders to LOVE yourself just the messy and imperfect way you are
  • Leadership lessons and strategies to create the life you want to live without apologies

What makes me unique?

I tackle life with laughter, love, grace, and grit. I have lots of experience, but I am more interested in connecting with you and helping you navigate the potholes on your journey.

Do you want to continue this relationship, but are not sure of the next step?

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  2. You can always email me with questions at diane@thefireinsideher.com

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