Hey there,

I’m Diane, and I’m on a mission to create a world where humans prioritize self-care, embrace authentic leadership, and thrive within a supportive community.

With over two decades of leadership experience in the male-dominated fire service, I’ve seen firsthand how self-care and community can help leaders find their true selves, achieve work-life balance, and boost productivity.

We all have an inner fire meant to shine, but life often buries it under a mountain of responsibilities – from work to family to personal obligations.

Believe me, I’ve been in the deepest trenches, feeling like I was at the lowest point in my personal and professional life. I was navigating survival mode, grasping for every lifeline to stay afloat.

Fear, unworthiness, and shame became my constant companions. I realized that something needed to change – and that something was me.

I promised myself and my son that we would build a life where we could thrive.

What did I do? Self-Care (Reimagined)

  • I found a compassionate therapist and began my journey towards healing.
  • I leaned on the loving support of my community.
  • I discovered how to expand my life’s capacity.
  • I started doing things that brought me joy.
  • I embraced daily yoga and meditation.
  • I unearthed my inner fire and let it illuminate my world.
  • I stopped settling for crumbs.
  • I left my 24-year career in the fire service to focus on The Fire Inside Her.

What Lessons Did I Learn?

  • Self-care helped me reconnect with my authentic self.
  • Self-care transformed me into a better human, mom, partner, and leader.
  • Self-care is a profoundly personal path to self-love and freedom.

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Let’s keep the fire burning, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you!