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Hi Friend,

I am Diane Schroeder and I believe in a world where leaders focus on self-care and become the authentic version of themselves. As a leader in the male-dominated fire service for over 20 years I know that practicing self-care and having a supportive community enables leaders to find their authentic style, have a work-life balance, and increase productivity.

We all have a fire inside of us that is meant to shine, but life happens, and our fire can get buried under all the things; kids, work, competition, partners, parents, and other responsibilities that we put ourselves last.

Trust me, I have been in the crawl space below rock bottom.

My professional and personal life were a mess. I was in survival mode jumping from one life raft to another. I was scared, tired, frustrated, and holding it all together with pieces of tape that were covered in dog hair. I thought something had to change, what I didn’t realize is that I had to change.

Putting the pieces of my life together has been a journey. I promised myself and my little man that I would do the work to create a life in which we can thrive.

What did I do? Self-Care

  • I found a good therapist and moved the emotional boulders that were weighing me down
  • I fell into the loving arms of my community
  • I learned how to build capacity in my life
  • I started to do things that bring me joy
  • I began practicing yoga
  • I found my fire and used it to light up my world
  • I stopped settling for crumbs

What Lessons Did I learn?

  • Self-care allowed me to reconnect with my authentic self.
  • Self-care has made me a better human, mom, partner, and leader.
  • Self-care is a personal journey to self-love and freedom.

Awesome Diane, but what is a self-care strategy?

In the fire service, a strategy is the plan to mitigate the emergency. A self-care strategy is a similar approach. Using my wisdom, education, and experience I help leaders create a self-care strategy that creates capacity, confidence, and clarity.

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