the fire insider her story

The Fire Inside Her came to life in January 2014. I purchased the domain and was eager to start a blog (even though I had zero experience blogging). But life happened, and for the next few years, I went through a high-conflict divorce and found myself as a single mom with a two-year-old.

After my divorce, I was in a dark place; single mom, working full time, depressed, fearful, and anxious, with no passion for my career and zero time for self-care.

My fire was buried, and I was at rock bottom.

Embracing my messy and imperfect life felt more like a bloody battle. However, I found a strength inside me that I didn’t know existed; I found my fire and used it to light my way out of the dark. I believe (and so does science) that connection is a powerful tool to guide your journey.

Life is hard, but that shouldn’t stop you from living a life that brings you joy. I can’t imagine better travel partners than genuine, messy, gritty women.

The first edition of this website, The Fire Inside Her, LLC, was established in January 2017.

OUr Mission of The Fire insider Her, LLC is: “To empower Badass women who desire authenticity through community, leadership, and self-care.”

OUr Values: Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Accountability

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