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Learning how to Ask Your Friends for Help

single parent friendship relationships laughter

This year has brought surprises and unexpected events.  I didn’t plan on buying a fixer-upper this summer. But I have loved the process of making my house a home and reminding myself that it is ok to ask for help.  The best part about this year is the reminder of a great tribe I am surrounded by to help me.

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.   Jamais Cascio

Little Man and I have adjusted to our new house, neighborhood, and school incredibly well.  A huge perk of living in the new neighborhood is that my good friend Brittany lives just down the street. Brittany and I became friends a couple of years ago when we attended the 6:30 AM Crossfit class. You can read more about her in the five women you need in your tribe.

As we have spent more time together, there are so many qualities that I admire about her as a human and friend.  But what she did for me last month made me beyond grateful for her friendship and how blessed I am to have friends like her.

The Poop Seat Debacle

In July,  I offered to let my friend’s son, D, sleepover.  She was out of town, and her husband was at work, so why not?  My little man and her son are six months apart and play well together.  We first stopped by the firehouse to visit his dad and see the fire trucks.

We headed to my house, where the boys played for several hours.  A few hurt feelings, but overall we were having fun. We had pizza and an epic dance party.  Both boys are on a similar schedule, and it was time to wind down for bed.

At this point in the evening, I was informed we left D’s poop seat at his house.  NO big deal, I thought; my little man doesn’t use a poop seat so that we can work through it.  I was wrong.  Sweet D was not going to poop; his resolve was impressive.  Little Man and I tried. We even called his mom and let her convince him.  Nope, not going to happen.  And I had nothing to improvise.  It was getting late, and I was running out of options.

single parent friendship relationships laughter

I then sent Brittany a message asking her if she wouldn’t mind running to Wal-Mart to pick up a poop seat.  Now, remember, it was late, a work night, and Brittany doesn’t have kids.  But she said yes, and there was now a poop seat on the way.

Not only did she show up with a cool poop seat, she put thought into making sure it was a cool seat with handles.  Brittany saved the night, D pooped, and the boys went to bed.  We had a good laugh about the whole situation.

D’s mom and I talked about family the other day and how lucky we are to have incredible families.  Not just the family by DNA, but the family that has come into our lives.  I have always felt blessed with my tribe.  The great thing is that Brittany isn’t the only one of my friends who would buy a potty seat late at night.

What I Know to be True

I often fear that I am alone and failing at life.  But then my tribe stepped up, reminding me that I am not a failure.  My blessings are beyond words with people who help.  I have to ask.

So my question to you is, who are your friends that will buy the poop seat?  Do you have them in your tribe? Are you willing to ask and be vulnerable? Are you ready to purchase the seat for a friend in need?

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