Taking a Leap of Faith

Faith is Diane Schroeder’s word. In this episode we get to meet one of her friends who helped her find her way back to it when she hit a pothole on her journey to authenticity. Throughout the first season of The Fire Inside Her podcast you’ll get a unique opportunity to meet some of the individuals who make up Diane’s inner circle and have been an integral part of her leadership path, her finding space to be more authentic, and her venture towards launching this podcast.

From learning more about the connective power of breaking bread, the questions around what you can get out of therapy, examples of self care, the sharing of powerful insight moments about high achievers needing help too, and the power of female friendship and the struggles and gifts of good female leadership. There is much to gain in this episode as you get a chance to get to know Diane a little better and meet one of the bad ass women who embodies the leadership, community, and authenticity that The Fire Inside Her is all about.

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Taking a Leap of Faith