Never Too Late to Find Your Person

What happens when your friends finally tell you the hard truth that you were settling for crumbs when it comes to relationships and that you deserve better? When you decide to use all the tools that you’ve gained through healing yourself and becoming the best version of yourself and *then* try dating?

You definitely promise yourself that you won’t settle. You know that you are looking for the *real thing*, and you also accept that its okay if you don’t find it. You make peace with that.

Today on The Fire Inside Her, you get to meet Josh Humphreys. Someone who is very important to Diane. Their relationship is clear evidence that it’s “Never Too Late to Find Your Person.”

Diane’s podcast mentor, Shawna Rodrigues, interviews Josh and Diane as they share their story. Be warned, you might get goosebumps. You’ll definitely believe that relationships that can become your bedrock do exist, and you’ll even learn some of the ways that Josh and Diane prepared themselves and work in their relationship to have that.

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