Self-Care for Leaders

You can’t fill anyone else’s cup if your cup is empty. Self-Care for Leaders is a dynamic session created with leaders at the top of their minds. Diane breaks down self-care, why self-care is important, and action steps that can be taken immediately to build capacity for leaders. Through humor, stories, and data, participants will have timely, sustainable, and simple tools to add to their self-care toolbox.

Finally, participants will gain a new perspective on the definition of self-care and how it applies to all areas of their lives.

This presentation can be formatted for an hour up to a 4-hour workshop.

Kind Words

Is That Your Final Answer? Ethics

Ethics, equity, and equality are complicated yet straightforward topics to address in organizations. What if you could see these topics through a lens that made you feel safe, included, and not judged?

My experiences navigating the male- dominated fire service will give you a unique perspective on how ethics, equity, and equality impact an organization’s culture.

Attendees will leave this session with tools to assess their work culture and challenge them to take action that helps make organizations more equitable and inclusive.

This presentation can be done in an hour, but I recommend at least two hours, with a 4-hour workshop as ideal.


Leadership, Self-care, and Authenticity are my keynote topics. Through stories, I create a powerful and impactful message that will leave attendees inspired, motivated, and grateful for being present at the event.

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